Manistique and Schoolcraft County
Area Events - Failure to Promote

For further information, contact:

Schoolcraft Chamber of Commerce, 1000 West Lakeshore Dr., Manistique, Mi 49854

From late 2000 through 2003, inclusively, I maintained a schedule of local events, copied from the Schoolcraft County Chamber of Commerce web site. Since late 2000 to early 2007, I received, and posted, only three events from three separate personal requests. Beyond John Stewart, of Nelson Shoes, at no time was I ever contacted to exchange links with local web sites, touting local businesses, attractions, or activities. At no time was I ever contacted by any local organization to promote any public activity. I acknowledge, 01/17/07, that my offer of free activity advertising was a waste of my time and resources, and hereby withdraw my offer to post any event. For those that did not get the message concerning the value of internet promotion and advertising, or chose to ignore my six year offer, due to political reasons, the community at large loses. For those parochial activists in the community, that "still don't get it", too many times, small frogs in small ponds have small horizons, that do not extend to include others in the community, or outside, with different perspectives and horizons. Regardless of my disappointment, the offer was worth it to see John Stewart, of Nelson Shoes, embrace internet technology and put it to work to make money for him, at: The offer was worth it to have Al Burns request my help to promote the Manistique Salmon Derby, and help make it the success it is: Adios.
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