Why Doesn't Bad News Pay the Bills?



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If there is no bad news, then all is well, because, if it wasn't, you would be able to pick up the local newspaper and listen to the local radio station and know that all is not well, why it is not well, and who, if anyone, has the responsibility to make sure that certain public business is well, and in what particular manner they failed their public responsibility to insure their particular responsibility is well, ...

If there is no detailed "bad news" and publicity, and few people are aware of the causes and individuals related to any perceived community problem, there is no reason for those in power to change their ways. If there is no comprehensive, objective and detailed "bad" news, there is little to no objective reason for a registered voter to go to the polls and vote for change, because there are no widely known reported causes and responsible parties related to any perceived need for change.

Without "bad news" details, the voter, who "knows" all is not well, has little more than limited personal experience, gossip, self serving political advertisements, and a choice to flip a coin, to determine who should be voted for, in a blind choice to change the status quo of that which the voter wants changed.

The reality of voting, in Schoolcraft County, is not to choose from a slate of progressive, ethical, competent, honest, motivated, go-getter candidates for office. The reality, generally, is a slate of wannabes, with no particular credentials or public record that recommends them to any particular office, except, maybe, Schoolcraft County Dog Catcher. Given those choices, relative to some incumbent self-serving, lamer, who has the backing of a Schoolcraft County party apparatus, the average voter in Schoolcraft County has little more choice than to vote and pray that a difference can be made.

Detailed bad news would, at least, prompt inclined voters to the polls with a balanced understanding of why they should vote for, or against, candidates of lesser party gods, and those candidates with a will of their own.

Not only that, but, speaking for myself, as a resident of Schoolcraft County, and an alienated voter, I would have reasons to purchase newspapers and listen to the local radio station. Not only that, but the annual bottom line of the Pioneer Tribune newspaper and WTIQ would, likely, be increased, because:

1. Regardless of what political and economic pressures are exerted on both businesses, the option to go elsewhere, for the services they offer, are, for all intents and purposes, non-existent. As in... Ya gotta captive audience, and business clientele, in the context of the ever present advertising competition, The Advisor.

2. Speaking for myself, with no particular use for, or particular reason to patronize either business, regarding public business; comprehensive, and detailed "bad" news would prompt me to subscribe to the newspaper, again, and listen to the local radio station, more often.

3. There is no such thing as bad news - just unbalanced, biased, censored, incomplete, and distorted news, that local professional media, serving Schoolcraft County, choose to sell to a captive audience, for reasons I can only speculate.

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