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Copied from the M.D.O.T. web site, 05/04/07:

"MDOT names new bureau director for Finance and Administration

Contact: Ari B. Adler, MDOT Director of Communications 517-335-3084

The Michigan Department of Transportation has announced the promotion of Myron G. Frierson to Bureau Director for Finance and Administration, effective Nov. 1, 2002.

Frierson has held several management positions within the department over the past 21 years. Most recently, he has served as the administrator for the MDOT Real Estate Section since 1995.

"This is a very important position within our department, and I'm certain Myron can handle it with aplomb," said State Transportation Director Gregory J. Rosine. "Myron is bringing an excellent history of education, dedication and public service to his new office."

As deputy director, Frierson will oversee the more than $3 billion state transportation budget including accounting, expenditures, purchasing, inventories, budget preparation, cash forecasting, contracting, bid lettings, project accounting and bonding activities. MDOT's expenditures for statewide repair and reconstruction have exceeded $1.3 billion annually since 1999.

Frierson, a certified public accountant and real estate broker, holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from Michigan State University. He is an active committee member with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. Frierson, who was raised in Detroit, lives in Okemos with his wife and two children.

Frierson is replacing Wayne Niles, who is retiring on Oct. 31, 2002, after 28 years with MDOT."

As M.D.O.T. claims Frierson has significant experience and education, in the field of real estate, finance, and administration, I conclude that nothing he does, relative to M.D.O.T. business, is accidental.

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