A Wisconsin Central or Community Liability?

Manistique RR Bridge Safety Rail Manistique RR Bridge Safety Rail 2

May I suggest a quick route to wealth?

As you cross the Wisconsin Central railroad
bridge in the city of Manistique, stumble through
the gap in the damaged safety rail. Let go of
your child's hand. Horse play on the way home
from school. Slip on the ice covered boards.
Fall through it while in a chemical induced
stupor and enjoy the trip of your life. Let
your imagination be your guide.

It is obvious no one cares. Manistique and
Wisconsin Central must have deep pockets. No
one has accepted the implied offer for almost 4?
years that this public safety hazard has existed.
Is there a unit of government in Manistique that
should check for railroad related hazards before
an accident occurs, or should Wisconsin Central
set the standards for community safety?


Temporary or permanent, its an improvement.


Permanent repair, completed about 2 weeks ago. Wisconsin Railroad Bridge Safety Rail

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