Why are They Laughing?

Manistique River Dock

Why cry; it'll change nothing. The pictured used dock was installed this year after the new one lay rusting in the weeds for years. This dock, at the N. Cedar Street boat ramp, sits 3 feet above the Manistique River level. It brings smiles to these happy fishing folk as they consider the intellect and cost required to complete this outstanding job that renders appropriate use of this dock a dangerous adventure. Going on 5 years and its worth little more than a piling to moor a boat. Maybe the City of Manistique or the Michigan DEQ need to hire some professional help to install it correctly, next year. Installed correctly, it would be an enhancement to Manistique instead of a monument to foolishness.


I have verified similar foolishness occurred with the 2 docks at the Manistique Harbor boat ramp. That was corrected earlier this year. I suppose the folks involved "forgot" the one pictured.

I know Manistique Papers Inc. did their part. Who's left?


It has been like this for almost 2 months. Looks like someone tried to push it further into the river to make it functional. That attempt to make the dock useful took about the same intellect as the original setup. Looks as if there may be consequential damage to add to the testimonial to foolishness.

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