Should Manistique Continue
to Fluoridate its Municipal Water?


At the Manistique City Council meeting of 09/11/00 a city resident,Dan Watkins, addressed the council concerning alleged public health dangers related to the fluoridation of the municipal water supply. At the same meeting, City Manager Housler and Randy Sanville, who supervises the municipal water treatment plant, made council aware that continued fluoridation was suspended because of required equipment upgrading and employee training. Mr. Housler suggested that until council reservations were resolved, concerning continued fluoridation, the city should delay the possible unneeded expenses to continue fluoride treatment of the city's drinking water.

The council agreed to consider the topic, with a full council present, 09/25/00.

At the Manistique City Council meeting of 10/16/00 council members discussed some conflicting claims concerning the benefits and detriments of fluoridation but reached no conclusion concerning continued fluoridation of the city's water supply. Councilwoman Sablack stated she was not prepared to make a decision because she knew little of the anti-fluoridation arguments from professionals. Several council members expressed difficulty obtaining information from which to form an opinion. Council members agreed to consider the issue at a future council meeting with input from local professionals with an interest in the fluoridation issue.


For those that wish to do some background reading, the following keywords and phrases, when entered into major internet search engines, provided many fluoridation information resources. The search results represent a great body of factual knowledge that may include information unknown in 1961 when Manistique City Council approved fluoridation. The suitability of the information referred to may or may not be appropriate for any and all interests and abilities. Read, ponder, and refer to, at your own risk. You should decide what is "whacko" and what is peer reviewed by professionals of integrity, with no financial interest in the issues; ie. what is relevant to a decision that effects the health of everyone in the city, whether they want it, or not.

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11/14/00 At its meeting of 11/13/00, the Manistique City Council discussed continued fluoridation of the city's water supply. City manager, Allen Housler, claimed that he failed to find anyone to address council about "claimed" negative health related effects of municipal water fluoridation. Two local dentists, Dr. Peter Jacobs and Dr. Robert Hill, addressed council concerning the known positive health benefits of fluoridation. All contributors to the council discussions offered personal opinion and references to authority, but no-one offered peer reviewed data, or information from anyone with verifiable credentials related to current fluoridation research. Discussions were based solely on "arguments from authority". Manistique City Council voted, unanimously, to continue fluoridation of the city's water supply.

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