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Two web sites, that reflect interest in Schoolcraft County and Manistique politics, were brought to my attention, recently.

The first, a project attributed by some to Don Erickson, son of County Commissioner Doug Erickson, of Manistique; may be found at:


After reading all the web site pages, I concluded that it was, probably, written by a soon to graduate student of Manistique High School, likely the same unidentified young male speaker at the M.A.S. Board meeting of 04/16/01. He chose to lecture the board about the meaning of its "corrupt" public comment policy, if I remember correctly. The content of the web site is similar to that young speaker's disjointed "public comments". The mostly unspecified and unsupported allegations and innuendo of the web site pages I read are in the exact style and language of the speaker's words, at that board meeting.

If you wish to be entertained by a product of M.A.S. that appears unable to think in a logical, sequential manner, and fails to communicate those thoughts in a rational, simple or lofty style, then I suggest you visit the web site and attend the next Manistique Area Schools Board meeting.

You might be amused and entertained. I am not.

The second web site referred to me is:


which I will confess, shamelessly, shares with me, some similar views of local politics.

I do not know the anonymous author of the site, but if "it" produces documentation or other irrefutable knowledge concerning unacceptable activities of those in public office, or less than mediocre credentials for those seeking public office, I will be eternally grateful. There is lots of known dirt that should see the light of day that is hidden by executive sessions, "privacy concerns", potential business retribution, social ostracism, etc., that have helped saddle the community with some really undesirable individuals, some of whom will be suckling the public breast while in retirement.

It is regrettable that I am compelled to support an anonymous source, but too many local politicians, government officials, media personnel, and "ordinary" citizens are too anxious to look the other way, and bury knowledge of unacceptable activities, of a personal or public nature, by local government officials and employees.

It is support I am willing to provide, until events convince me to do otherwise. Those, covering each other's butt, have little reason to change, and its a sure bet their "friends" will not. Self interest at public expense is alive and well in Manistique and Schoolcraft County.

As some might say, choose your poison; there is much more than good news in Manistique.


From the rambling response at: http://www.mhsboard.8m.com, my substantiated guess and the claims of others are correct. Don Erickson is Corndog_316@yahoo.com, concernedcitizen@mhsboard.8m.com, President of MHSboard.8m.com and he is the previously anonymous author of the web page and the anonymous young man I heard lecture the M.A.S. School Board. For all the good that James Anderson has done for this community, in general, and all the fame and infamy that he accrued while wearing many hats over the years, I do not believe that he had as many aliases to dodge the consequences of his efforts.


DELETED 11/28/01

I deleted the introductory text and several associated links that no longer exist for the entry of 11/28/01. The web site of http://www.geocities.com/schoolcraft_truth/ appears to be history, as there has been nothing new for many months.

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