Manistique Papers Inc.: Its Generous
Community Paper Recycling Program


The subject of recycling was part of a review of Manistique government goals at the Manistique Council meeting of 10/17/00. The discussion prompted several members of the audience to state that a new waste paper recycling policy had been implemented, recently, by Manistique Papers Inc., a Schoolcraft County manufacturer of high quality papers from waste paper.

The valuable recycling service offered by Manistique Papers provides an environmentally friendly option for local residents to dispose of most clean waste paper. Each ton of clean, mixed, local waste paper adds $75 to a fund that is divided among local schools and organizations.

I discussed details of Manistique Papers' local paper recycling policy with spokesman Eric Bourdo. He stated that the business could now recycle lower grade paper than was possible. Local residents have a one stop option to to dispose of MOST CLEAN UNCONTAMINATED PAPER products including magazines, flyers, catalogs, newspapers, office paper, letters, envelopes, etc.

Mr. Bourdo stated that certain types of paper were were not suitable for plant processing or handling. Those papers included coarse brown paper used in paper grocery bags, brown wrapping paper, paper contaminated with or coated with food, body excreta, drugs, chemicals, wax, plastic, aluminum foil, etc. That would include, but is not limited to, "Pampers", carbon paper, fast food wrappers, used toilet tissue and nose wipes, used paper towels, plastic lined envelopes, Tyvek envelopes, book covers, cardboard, animal cage papers, candy and food wrappers, etc.

M.P.I.'s generous and more liberal policy should make paper recycling more desirable for most residents in Manistique and Schoolcraft County. The clean mixed papers may be deposited in the containers just inside the Mackinac Street entrance to Manistique Papers Inc.

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