Voting and Political Information for
Manistique and Schoolcraft County


For the November 2000 election, I heard from local media sources that the Nov. 2000 Michigan ballot proposals would take away guns, have the Michigan Supreme Court run local government, and voting would cure what ails our public school system. I did some reading and offer these references for those that seek more than parochial opinion from those that would choose for you.

No endorsement is given or implied for any of this content other than it is likely a better option for guidance than much of what I have heard and seen, lately. It is my intent to add more reference sources to this page as I find them useful. References to mainstream and alternative view political information sources, that do not advocate the violent overthrow of the government, will be considered for addition.

Mi.Secretary of State Voter, Candidate, Elections, ... Info.

Mi.Secretary of State Info - Ballot proposals

Michigan Family Forum Voters Guide

University of Michigan Elections Reference Material

Michigan Government and Political Resources

Online Newspapers in Michigan


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