Fairview School Problems

Fairview School was built in 1954. If the February 26 bond proposal is defeated, then the 47 year old Fairview School could be replaced or renovated. Renovation would provide improved teaching and learning facilities consistent with current higher standards, nearly a half century after the school was built.


This room, designed to accommodate body wastes, has little to recommend itself as a classroom designed for filling young minds. With limited means and facilities, and a declining enrollment, the school system makes the best use of what it has.
Storage room classroom, beats nothing!
A converted cafeteria is now a classroom. Once again, the design of the school cafeteria did not include the necessities of a classroom. The schools make do with what they have

These single pane windows waste many heating dollars to thaw the frozen North. They present an obstacle to fleeing children, should an emergency evacuation be necessary. Hardly a convenient and safe exit design for small children.
Fairview school steam boilers. Steam heat is obsolete, expensive and deteriorates heating plumbing faster than hot water. The evident leak from one boiler requires a limited boiler disassembly, repair and reassembly, from an out of town service business; bonded, insured and state certified for such work.
Fairview school entrance. No security or monitoring technology. A "take-a-kid" invitation, to the demented.

A multipurpose physical education, cafeteria, and auditorium facility. As a compromise it cannot support any of the main functions, well. Changes in legislation, concerning equal opportunity for physical education and intermural sports, for girls and boys, has made another full size community gym almost a necessity, now. School consolidation would provide the community a second full sized gym.

No lockers means no property security, and safety hazards in student congested hallways. Mutual contact of childrens' property may spread certain diseases and parasites.

"Acres" of flat roof approximately 20 years old, with very little insulation. It is still in good shape; but for how long? Forseeable reroofing and major roof insulation costs must be figured into the economics of renovating, compared to the costs of rebuilding at Lakeside.

The necessity of using computer technology in the classrooms is forcing the M.A.S. district to seek affordable ways to incorporate new technology into the middle school education infrastructure, in as cost effective a manner as possible. The funding ballot proposals, for the necessary improvements, will meet the public on February 26. The proposals are not about the buildings and other facilities still usable for gran'pa's education. The proposals are about what must be done to provide Schoolcraft County's youth a complete and competitive education in the early 21st century...

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