Manistique High School Problems 2

These photographs detail some obvious problems that require renovation and equipment upgrade to enable Manistique High School to meet the demands of a 21st century education with the appropriate facilities. 26 years of operation has taken its toll, from everything. In some areas, facility renewal is necessary, as the original equipment is almost worn out. In other areas, new equipment is required to meet new education demands.
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A general view of the swimming pool and the upper spectator gallery that bars wheelchair bound individuals.

The Americans with Disabilities Act gives the disabled, that are barred from the use of public facilities by inherent design, the right to sue the school for these stairs to the pool mezzanine spectator gallery. The school has many other similar barriers to disabled user participation.
Before the air handling unit was installed for the swimming pool building, the moist, warm air escaped into other parts of the school to rot and corrode. This window frame shows significant rot.
Evidence of water condensation damage, before the pool "air handling unit" was installed. The cause is eliminated but the damage still needs to be repaired.

A patched pool water treatment pipe. Not lack of maintenance, just time, use, and the effects of corrosive liquids. Nothing lasts forever and it is just a matter of time before the rest of the plumbing catches up with this piece, in the not too distant future.

The swimming pool water processing equipment handles corrosive chemicals. It is showing the wear and tear of time and environment. Some of the plumbing is failing. Does it need renovating in the near future? At 26 years old, regardless if it is in no danger of immediate failure, the cost of maintenance keeps increasing as failures become more frequent.
The recent purchase and installation of an "air handling unit" maintains the pool area atmosphere at a slight negative pressure, at 50-60% relative humidity, at 82 degrees F. The money came from a fund that would have otherwise operated Hiawatha school. That fund will not last forever and cannot fund major renovation or building replacement.
Two 7 million BTU steam boilers, installed in 1972 for the old high school, heat the current school. It is necessary to run one unit, during the warm months, just to heat the swimming pool. It is likely a half million BTU unit would suffice, but no one gives them away...

The steam pipe and water pipe maze, at the steam boilers installed in 1972, for the old high school. They still do the job, as do the boilers, but for how long?
Repaired steam pipes at the high school. The failures can only become more frequent and damaging. 26 years, and counting. It is time to renovate.
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