Lincoln School Facilities Problems 2

Lincoln School was built in 1931. These photographs detail some obvious, visible problems best and most economically remedied by building replacement.

Lincoln School is 71 years old and cannot meet the requirements of comprehensive education curricula. It does not meet most current federal and state safety and building regulations. It was built when energy and labor were cheap, and the demands of a "modern" education were far less than today. The children of Schoolcraft County deserve better.

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Part of an art class held by the stairwell. If the school cannot "make" the room, there is no class...

Open stairwells at both ends of the school are considered major fire hazards as there is no way to stop (damp) the "chimney effect", if a fire should break out.

Much of the basement floor is constantly covered by a layer of water, seeping through various basement cracks and fractures. The soggy environment fosters building and equipment failure, and is a health and safety hazard.

A close look at this photograph, indicates that much of the plumbing has been replaced. It is very expensive to repair and renovate a massive old building to meet mandatory state standards and provide the degree of facility flexibility that is required to meet future educational requirements. The building met great gran'pa's educational needs, to compete in his era, but it cannot meet those of today's students, let alone future generations.
No insulation, but "dead air" between ceiling and roof. The measured thickness of the roof, minus the top roof membrane and lowest tongue and groove is 2", which allows for 2 inches of foam insulation with an approximate R value of 8 (inches), under the top roof membrane. 8 inches of roof/ ceiling insulation is no where close to the R32 value now recommended in this climate and era of high energy costs.
The flat roof is in good shape, regardless of inside damage due to earlier failure. If the roof is approximately 20 years old, and current warranties for similar rubber membrane roofs are for 10 years, then, in the foreseeable future, major roof repair and insulation renovation is due.

The chimney brickwork is coming unglued as the mortar erodes away. It gives an idea of the consequences of the processes at work on the rest of the building's mortar.
This magnificent antique hasn't provided ventilation air to classroom students and faculty; for decades?

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