Manistique's Grandstand, Track and Field

The grandstand, football field and track are 65 years old. The grandstand has deteriorated beyond economical renovation. The track is obsolete. It is past time to rebuild the facilities.

The track and field facilities are incapable of meeting the requirements of modern physical education curricula and sanctioned competitive events.

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A general view of the underside of the grandstand shows various water stains and fractured areas of concrete due to water intrusion and consequential corrosion and ice fracturing.
A closeup of underside damage due to the freezing and corroding process of water intrusion into the grandstand reinforced concrete.

Corroded reinforcing steel exposed by fracturing due to ice and/ or rust scale. The extent of corrosion indicates long term water intrusion and may be an indicator of the compromised integrity of the reinforcing steel throughout much of the facility.
An exposed bedrock shelf is not a suitable surface for any track.
Resurfacing the track does not make it useable for competitive events or suitable for practice. It is too small and does not meet the standards of modern athletic events. What was suitable for gran'pa does not meet the requirements of a competitive 2000's education, or student athletic events.
The track is sufficiently large for intergoose events, whatever they may be. Only four lanes wide, it is too small to host sanctioned student competitive events, therefore it is almost useless for competitive practice, also. A minimum of six lanes is required, and preferably eight, to host major events. Students should not have to train with a Model T for a Porche event.

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