12/06/99 Bond Issue Questions and Answers for the Pioneer-Tribune #1
          Q.  Why is the bond issue needed?
          A.  Because the option of doing nothing increases not only the
	  problems, but also the cost. Just to upgrade our four elementary
	  schools would cost several million dollars and it wouldn’t solve the
          The Manistique Area Schools is an improving school district. All of
	  the indicators, including test scores, are showing that student
	  achievement levels are high. Research shows that schools do not always
	  remain the same. They either continue to improve, or they fall behind.
	  In order to continue improving, it is necessary to take these steps. A
	  community’s ability to grow and remain competitive in today’s global
	  market is, in large part, dependent upon its system of education. With
	  Schools of Choice in Michigan, a district without adequate space,
	  curriculum and technology cannot possibly hope to retain students. It
	  cannot sufficiently prepare those students it does retain for college
	  or the world of work. Students will suffer or leave, as will business
	  and industry. People will not build in a community, or stay in a
	  community that offers no special advantage in its educational system.
	  A community that does not invest in its schools is a community that
	  does not invest in its own future.
          Q.  Will a centralized elementary building result in any financial
	  savings to the district??
          A.  Yes. This is because it will be less expensive to operate and
	  maintain one new building as opposed to four older buildings. The cost
	  savings will result in more and better educational programs for kids.
	  One of the new programs that the Board of Education would like to
	  investigate is all day, every day Kindergarten. Presently, we do not
	  have enough space to offer this program, and costs are prohibitive.
	  With the cost savings realized from one centralized elementary and the
	  space provided, an all day, every day Kindergarten could be examined.
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