Manistique Schools Proposals:
Fact and Fiction 3

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(11) With the county consolidation of schools, it was, and still is, my opinion that my community was unduly abused by the process, to Manistique's advantage. As a consequence I harbor a degree of resentment towards Manistique that prompts me to vote against any school millage issue.

Fiction, depending on your perspective. The consolidation of county schools, in the Manistique area, came as a result of a state wide goal, reflecting a national trend. That the residents of many small communities may feel abused, is understandable. That the abused feeling should be translated to hostile action against the students of all communities, including your own, reflects the logic of a cannibal.

(12) After the M.A.S. Board gave away the old Hiawatha School, for $10,000, the Board shouldn't be trusted with the shirt on my back!

Fiction, because the taxpayers of Hiawatha paid their taxes that paid off the bonds from the sale of which was built the Hiawatha School. When the M.A.S. District had no more use for the building, because of declining enrollment and increasing operating costs, it was most appropriate to return the building to the community that had paid for it.

(13) I cannot afford to pay any more taxes. The addition of a school millage will break me!

Doubtful, because these are relatively good times, compared to the Great Depression era, when the Lincoln School and the high school grandstand, track and field were voted to be built. Most of the "poor mouthing" comes from those that ate at the collective table when they were younger, and now, in selfish older age, decide they do not have to pay for the meal provided by others.

Without the opportunities provided by the collective efforts of others, most of us would be so much ignorant rabble.

Part of the meal's price is to insure that others can keep the opportunities on the table. The bill is due until you're planted.

(14) The overall quality of Manistique Schools education is so poor that I take my children to another school district.

Fiction, as Standard and Poors School Evaluation Service provides a comprehensive view of all Michigan school districts, to help dispell lies and provide parents some objective standards for children education choices. Read the facts before fabricating the fiction. No school is perfect, but, in its class, Manistique School District does very well. Parents that believe their children and malicious gossip, without verifying and understanding the claims, do themselves and the community a disservice. People lie, and age is of little consequence.

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