12/06/99 Bond Issue Questions and Answers for the Pioneer-Tribune #3

          0.  Will elementary students benefit educationally from being in one
          A.  Sixth grade students currently going to the High School would,
	  instead, also go to the new centralized elementary facility. In 1985,
	  the sixth grade students were removed from the elementary schools and
	  moved to the High School, because of lack of space within the four
	  elementary schools. We believe it is in the best interest of sixth
	  grade students to return to the environment of an elementary school.
          Instead of Manistique Area Schools students coming together for the
	  first time in sixth grade, they will come together in Kindergarten. We
	  will be able to eliminate the academic and athletic competition that
	  exists between the four elementary buildings, and instead we can pool
	  our resources to make educational progress together. All elementary
	  teachers will also be in the same building, which will give them the
	  opportunity to work together more closely. They will be able to share
	  ideas, skills, abilities and resources, for the benefit of our
          The present Lakeside School will be remodeled, and it will become an
	  early childhood education center. The 4-year-old program, readiness
	  kindergarten and kindergarten will be housed in this building. It will
	  be attached to the new centralized elementary school, which will be
	  home to all students in grades 1st through 6th. For the first time,
	  our elementary students will have access to a current, up-to-date,
	  full sized Library and Media Center.
          Elementary students will also benefit from a major technology update
	  which will include fiber optic cable, inter-active television, more
	  computers and controlled internet access.
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