12/06/99 Bond Issue Questions and Answers for the Pioneer-Tribune #4

          Q.  The proposed bond issue includes a centralized elementary school
	  at the Lakeside site, a new track and grandstand at the site of the
	  present athletic field, and a new bus garage at the Lincoln Elementary
          It also proposes spending a substantial amount of money on the Middle/
	  High School. This is practically a new building. What would be done
	  and why is this necessary?
          A.  The Middle/High School is 25 years old. When a house is 25 years
	  old, the homeowner likely would consider certain improvements (i.e.
	  roof, furnace, hot water heater, carpeting, etc.) in addition to
          We have simply reached that same point with the Middle/High School. We
	  need to make improvements to be sure the building can serve our
	  children well for the next 25 years, as it has for the last 25 years.
          Additionally, we are subject to the "Americans with Disabilities Act"
	  (ADA), a federal law intended to give barrier free access to all
	  facilities, for the physically challenged. We are required to comply
	  with this law. Some of the things that would be done at the
	  Middle/High School include:
                    * Resurfacing of existing parking
                    * Addition of parking on recently-purchased adjacent home
                      site and site of former administrative offices (which
                      will be demolished)
                    * ADA renovations, including update of elevator, swimming
                      pool mezzanine access, entrance and access to stage,
                      access to locker rooms, restroom improvements, hardware
                      and signage updates, automatic door opener, center aisle
                      in auditorium
                    * Public restrooms in public library
                    * New science labs for students
                    * Structural repairs
                    * Security gates
                    * Reconfiguration of Voc Ed area to better serve vocational/
                      technical students and programs
                    * Pool renovations and addition of pool clock and scoring
                    * Additional locker room to accommodate the needs in the
                      athletic program
                    * Remodeling of food service area
                    * Heating, ventilating and air conditioning updates,
                      including conversion from steam to hot water heat
                    * Plumbing and electrical upgrades, including energy
                      efficient fixtures
                    * Gym structure repair
                    * New stage floor
                    * Reface drywall in corridors
         All aspects of the proposed bond issue construction project are
	 designed to meet the educational needs of our children for the next 25
	 years, in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.
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