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I see an imaginary "Lakeside Road" illustration, by "STS Engineered Comics, Inc."  07/02/07

Lakeside School Masonry Concerns Questionable Cold weather masonry techniques    03/12/07

Why buy 2% Michigan gaming compact money? Is it a Sault Tribe Confidence Game?    02/12/07

The Washooski Chronicles  Extortion, coersion, and deceit, as Chimpantique public policy    01/23/07

I'm a felon; but look! over there! Anarchy and Political Magic in Schoolcraft County    01/22/07

Thank you, Pioneer Tribune Thanks to the Trib   01/12/07

Commissioner Frenette Qualifies for M.E.R.S. Benefits No details available?!    08/11/06

Manistique industrial park site development and disposition policy   05/26/06

Manistique City Charter Bidding Policy Re. Online Engineering Inc., is it irrelevant?    05/07/06

Outdoor Burning Manistique citizens' right to poison their neighbours?    04/24/06

We have no M.E.R.S. debt! We spend, today. You pay, tomorrow.    02/18/05

Manistique to televise county government business? It's possible.    02/15/05

Schoolcraft County 911. A moderate approach for success? Oink! Oink!   02/11/05

Manistique High School Stadium Turkey or swan? Maybe it's all illusion.   02/04/05

Make Sam Harma Happy Give Hiawatha Behavioral Health what it wants   12/23/04

M.E.R.S. Premium Debt? Not to worry! M.E.R.S. Has billions in assets!   11/20/04

Schoolcraft County News 2 News related ramblings There is just news.    11/01/04

Schoolcraft County News 1 It's Pleasantville. There is no ill.    10/31/04

Candidate Scott Chartier Who is that guy? I dunno!    10/29/04

Lies and Libel or is it mental incompetence? Fiction vs. Fact II    11/01/04

Butch Jenerou vs Doug Erickson Who's bent? Fiction vs. Fact    10/28/04

M.E.R.S. Retirement 'Free' for the taking! - like candy from a baby...    10/27/04

Doug Erickson for County Commissioner vs. "The Invisible Man"   07/18/04

Dale DuFour for County Commissioner Integrity vs. deceit   07/18/04

Tom Kitzman for County Sheriff Trained professional vs Good ol' Boy   07/18/04

Politics of Jail Meals Da Jailhouse Cook Blues Nepotism & frozen meals   07/18/04

Manistique's Bidding Policy  To bid, or not to bid...?  06/27/04

Community Mental Health Funding Keep yer eye on the pea!   04/21/04

Maintain Indian Lake levels? What levels?   02/20/04

Is it a Duck? Imagined Wobble and Reek of 08/19/03?   08/25/03

Public Transit Woes Incompetence and alcohol?   08/25/03

Schoolcraft County Politics A primer for 2003   08/25/03

Schoolcraft County Events If they don't know, they won't come!   05/28/03

Manistique Sewer Overflow into the Manistique River. Not to worry!   05/04/02

Sole-Source Contract  "Public Comments"  06/05/02

Perception vs Fact  A Crooked Politician? Sez Who?  05/01/02

Manistique Area Schools Millage Election Failures Da blues  03/06/03

Manistique Area Schools and Bond Proposals Info n' images  02/28/02

M.A.S. Coaches and Contracts. The union chooses!   02/20/02

Manistique and Schoolcraft County 2000 Census Yup! Ol' news  02/27/02

Manistique DDA Considers Marina Improvements. Artist's concepts   07/17/01

Believable Budgets?  Say ya to responsible accounting, eh?   07/11/01

Local Political Web Sites, First Impressions. It ain't in the newspapers   06/30/01

City of Manistique Wildlife Refuge. It could be a ditch!   06/09/01

Lynch the President of the MAS Board?   05/25/01

Bad news in Schoolcraft County? Ignore it?   05/24/01

"Public Comments" What does it mean?  05/08/01

DDA Responsibilities vs Special Interest Desires. Do the right thing!  04/21/01

"ROAD CLOSED" Whatsit Mean in Manistique? Closed or open?  11/29/00

Will Manistique Continue Fluoridation?  Situation and references   11/14/00

Voting and Political Information:  Schoolcraft County and beyond   10/16/00

M.P.I. Waste Paper Recycling. Do you know about it?   10/17/00

Wisconsin Central Bridge. Wanna get rich?   11/03/00

Wisconsin Central Damaged Rail by Your House? How long will it last?10/17/00

City's High Water Dock. When's the flood?  10/17/00

Manistique Zoning Ordinance Map. A peek at the Future?  09/21/00

Local Government Public Communication is Inadequate.  Archaic?   10/16/00

A Whimsical Manistique City Council? Do the regs apply to you?

Manistique Multipurpose Recreation Building Entrance. It looks shabby.

A Tale of 3 Water Towers; or is it 5? Why the high cost of water?

Manistique Sewage Treatment Plant. Why the high cost of water?

Boardwalk Dedication Sign Language. Who funded what?

Candidate for Schoolcraft County Commissioner. Who?   11/08/00

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